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The Manufacturing Process


STRIDE Precision Industry adopts a standard operating procedure (SOP) policy consisting of five procedures.

   Our SOP policy requires any deviation from standard procedure to halt further production until the issue is resolved. With this process, we are able to ensure that our customers are only receiving superior quality products.

Quality Control

STRIDE Precision Industry uses an in-line measuring system developed in Switzerland, which provides the highest standard of quality control. Through this system, we can achieve wire diameter dimensional accuracy to within 1 micrometer. Quality is not a destination, it is a continuous pursuit of excellence that leads to total customer satisfaction.

Inspection Equipment

STRIDE Precision Industry maintains state-of-the-art inspection equipment to strictly monitor the entire manufacturing process. As a result, our EDM wire is manufactured to the highest standard of dimensional accuracy, high-tensile strength, straightness, purity and smooth wire surface. As far as quality is concerned, we do not make do with what we have, we constantly strive for excellence.